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This is a global postal survey of arachnoiditis sufferers, with participants from USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


The object of this survey is 1. To raise interest amongst the medical community and thus hopefully clinically based research. 2. To increase understanding of how this condition affects the sufferers. (In particular, to give some idea as to prevalence of each symptom)

Whilst the information is anecdotal, the size of the survey is of statistical significance.

It should be noted that previous surveys: (Long; Aldrete) have looked at a narrower range of symptoms. This survey has attempted to include the majority of all the commonest symptoms. A direct questionnaire was sent out and all replies of patients with a diagnosis of arachnoiditis were entered into the survey. Data has been collected over a period of several months via e-mail and "snail mail". (Some survey responses indicated that there was no diagnosis: these were excluded from the main body of results. However, this data was compiled separately for comparative purposes (using cases with one or more of the risk factors (i.e. not based on symptom picture).