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2000 and beyond

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THE TIRANTI CASE On February 3, 2000, a 38year old woman in New Jersey ,USA was awarded $12 million as compensation  for arachnoiditis which developed as a result of depo-medrol (depo-medrone) injected into the subarachnoid space in 1986.

The size of the award was in compensation for her past and future disability as well as her pain and suffering.

Dr. Whitworth has written to me on numerous occasions (xii) and we have discussed ESIs at length.

His viewpoint can be summed up: "I am opposed to the use of things that do not work more than not using a technique because of extremely rare complications." 

He also wrote "I have abandoned interlaminar ESI, even with fluoroscopy, because of the poor response rate and the potential for arachnoiditis.(which may be due to needle penetration into the epidural space or the injection of Depo (medrol) into the epidural space)"