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Important - Read Me First

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The article has now been posted but unfortunately most of the references have not transferred. This was part of the problem I had with HTML codes. However have now found a way round this and will be posting references over the coming weeks.

I will make no apologies for this being a text only site, I will gradually build up a series of links you can go to view good quality anatomical representation approved by the Doc.

If a file comes up written by the Administrator it's a lie. That will be DocSarah and I forgot to put her name in a box!

If you want to print out the page do it from the buttoms at the top of the article because if you print from the server file option you miss the text on the right hand side. I am told I will have to do a 'button' for this.

Told to me by my 'lovely Jamie' mentor and tormentor geek who has tried valiantly to explain HTML to me, with some success and much teeth knashing.

Finally, any editoring mistakes or problems, rest at my doorstep. However, in my defence, I will say this - everyone knows how bad a Doctors' handwriting is - well believe me their typing is no better! Spaces between parenthesis why? ;: no spaces needed! Beginning a new line lets put a space in and upset HTML.

The Doc and I go back a long long way and I am so glad to get this article somewhere else but in my tiny office.