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(NSF) Long Term Conditions

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National Stanards Framework (NSF)

This new initiative states its aims as:

  • "Integrated healthcare and integrated health and social care"
  • "Putting the user at the centre of decisions"
  • Early effective interventions

This can be achieved by

  • Interdisciplinary approach with Single assessment procedure and key worker.

The NSF cites the following symptoms as targets for management:

  • "incontinence"
  • chronic pain management
  • fatigue depression
  • cognitive problems
  • mobility problems and movement disorders
  • speech and language problems
  • sensory problems
  • pasticity".

Note that pain is linked with the majority of these symptoms therefore managing pain would effectively also manage these problems to some extent.

How do we set about delivering the necessary care to pain patients?

If we look at Mental Health Care, we can see a model for pain treatment services.
Patients with mental health problems have broadly similar needs to those of the pain patient:

  • Immediacy of assessment
  • Appropriate, timely intervention
  • Ongoing care, continuity of care