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Evaluation of group meetings

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1      18TH November 2006  Advocacy – Deborah gave a talk about what advocacy can do and what it cannot do for someone in the community. The benefits were explained of confidentiality and went on to examine techniques in problem solving exercises. 

2                   22nd November 2006 Armchair Exercises – Frank from Health InK came to demonstrate to the group how to do ‘low impact exercises’ from a sitting position or from a wheelchair. This would have a beneficial effect on muscle toning. 

3                   6th December 2006 Foods that fight pain – Philomena from Health InK talked to the group about foods that can help fight against pain and how healthy eating can generally improve lifestyles. 

Christmas Break 

4                   9th January 2007 The group decided that it wanted to produce a ‘wish list’ of what was already in the community and what they would like to see. (See attached) 

5                   23rd January 2007  Pharmacist – Hassam gave a short talk on how to take your medication more effectively. This was to improve how medicines work as well as reducing some pain by avoiding the ‘peaks and troughs’ by taking them at regular intervals.  

6                   6th February 2007  The I Can Team – came to tell the group about their services that are available to do small jobs around their homes at a cost of materials only. Leaflets and contact details were left for the group.There was also a short talk from Sue on services available at the Leisure Centre particularly for disabled and less able. There was an invitation for us to attend at anytime to check out the facilities. 

7                   20th February 2007  Library – a small selection of Books Tapes and CD’s which belong to the group were brought to the meeting. These included a wide range of lifestyle improvements and motivational themes as well as coping skills, meditation and relaxation. Further suggestions were also made for additional items to be purchased. Members are allowed to borrow books to take away. 

8                   6th March 2007  Listening Ear – came to give us a fully comprehensive talk about how Listening Ear first came about. How the programme worked and the expansion to other counselling services 

9                   20th March 2007 Final meeting – was carried out to evaluate what had proved useful and what improvements could be made. Joanne came to inform the group about her role as Development Officer for Knowsley PCT. The meeting was then joined by members of Health in Halewood and other groups set up by Health InK who wished to remain funded for their activities. Conclusion It was generally agreed that the meetings had had a positive effect on many health issues not being addressed by any other means in the community. Information appears to be fragmented and often is led by word of mouth. Unfortunately this usually happens only at a crisis point rather than any attempts for prevention of such incidents.It was felt that the positive impact on the Support Group had the ability to promote support and positive self empowerment for themselves and others to access all services in Knowsley.