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ASG Wish List

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Wish List 

This list is not in any particular order of urgency or preference 

Armchair Exercises – another full session.

Prescribing Nurse - from one of the Health Centres on what her duties involve.

Health Centres – what services they can provide and how to contact them.

Minor Injury Unit – more details.

Walk in Centres – more details.

GP – a talk on how GP’s can help with Chronic Pain in the Community.

Modern Matron – what her/his duties are in the community.

Occupational Therapist – what her/his duties can do to help with equipment.

Physiotherapist – how she/he could assess to improve lifestyles.

Discharge Policies – what this can entail after a spell in hospital to help reduce re-admittance figures.

Pharmacist – another talk on specific medications.How information can be accessed by Housebound residents.

Craft Lessons – some members of the group would like to share skills and learn new ones in a positive atmosphere.

Advocacy drop in services

Alternative therapies – taster sessions

More food that fights pain.

Mood Buster

Psychological input