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CV Update 2009

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1.    Associate Specialist in Pain Management, Bath Pain Management Unit.  Work involves medical assessment of patients with chronic pain for the programme, and involvement with the interdisciplinary team running adult programmes (group and individual sessions). Teaching SHOs (Senior House Officers) on pain management.

2.    Staff Grade in Psychiatry for Older Adults, Brislington (Bristol) I look after patients with depression and anxiety on a ward and visit patients at home. I am often being asked to see patients with a combination of pain and depression/anxiety.

CME: I have been awarded my Post-graduate Diploma in Pain Management (Cardiff).

RESEARCH:  study with Arthritis Care on the effectiveness of a brief lay-led education programme being peer reviewed ahead of publication. I am also about to embark on a Cochrane Review on Treatment of Adhesive Arachnoiditis in collaboration with Prof. Jan Warnke (Neurosurgeon).

Patron of various support groups (UK, USA, New Zealand) for patients with adhesive arachnoiditis since 1998. I have written numerous articles for these groups on aspects of chronic pain in general, neuropathic pain and arachnoiditis in particular. Member of South West Regional Committee for Arthritis Care.