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Naysayers and Charlatans

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Naysayers and charlatans

Some people seem to like to sow suspicion and spread dissention.  I  feel strongly that Support Groups should live up to their names and the people in them should act accordingly: support each other, not undermine. What good can destructive comments do? Sometimes I think my grandmother had it right when she taught me "If you haven't got anything good to say, say nothing at all"

That said, sometimes there is a need for a word of warning: I've been sent information about someone who has preyed upon vulnerable people by selling them not only a sham treatment, but one that can be dangerous.

If anyone hears of a treatment that suggests it can 'cure' then please let us know here at www.theaword,org : we will check it out...after all, if it's genuine, we'd like to spread the word. But sadly, there is no cure as yet, so please be wary of any false claims.

Here's hoping for more positive news next week...