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Curves in all the right places?

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Can anyone tell me why adverts for diets still show slim people 'before' and airbrushed slim people 'after'...and that's even taking into consideration that apparently being on TV adds at least 10lb to what you look like!

Fact is, 95% of diets don't work in the long term...

As for BMI (body mass index) that's yet another number to depress us...and in my experience, isn't always as accurate as it is supposed to be.

My curves are subject to VAL rather than VAT: (UK: Value Added Tax on purchases) 'Valued Added Lumps' that is...and these days I'm built for comfort not for speed, but I still maintain, chocolate and wine are good for you :and yes, there is some scientific basis to this idea, not that that is my main motivation!!!