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A rose by any other name

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'A rose by any other name'... still has thorns!!!

Nerve pain can be really bizarre sometimes, and almost impossible to describe to people. For instance, having lightning, electric shock pains in the chest can be weird and seem to make no sense. I hear some people give these strange pains names, such as 'Doreen', and then their friends know when 'Doreen' puts in an appearance, what it means.

Personally I have Arnie, an irritating pain in the chest that takes my breath away and makes me feel as though Schwarnegger  is sitting on my chest; just breathing in an out is incredibly painful for a while. It does pass off. I also have Sylvester ('Sly') pain which is like Stallone wrestling with my guts and even Jason (Statham) which is my legs playing up.

I can't comment on the fact all these are male, 'action' actors! I haven't yet decided what the myoclonic jerks should be called, something irritating like Mr Bean perhaps?! Also the insect bites...any ideas anyone??