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The pros and cons of air conditioning

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The pros and cons of air con...

Had a lovely holiday in Majorca, sun, sea and sangria and managed not to get stung by  jellyfish this time!  Back home to grey skies and rain!

One snag though, I have had to see my dentist as I have face-ache: turns out it's not my teeth, it's my sinuses. It's a re-run of my hubby's recent problems which he had after a couple of work trips to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  I think the combination of the recycled air on the flights and the air con in the bedrooms is the root of the problem.  I suppose swimming in the pools/sea might also be a factor, but I think air con is the prime suspect.

So whilst it's tempting to ramp up the air conditioning for comfort during the night, beware the side-effects!