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Celebrities in Pain

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Celebrities in Pain

I have just found out that Neil Diamond is a long term sufferer of back pain as is his partner Rae Farley. Diamond underwent back surgery for a benign spinal tumour and has endured 30 years of pain since.  Other famous people with chronic pain include singer Paula Abdul who has had a 25 year battle with pain and has RSD. Actress Melanie Griffith has pain since a car accident.

ABC news reported on the pain experienced by Jerry Lewis.  Actress Kathleen Turner is known to have rheumatoid arthritis and comedian Jim Carrey battles with chronic back pain.

Several years ago, in the US, there was an exhibition entitled “The "Many Faces of Pain" photo exhibition, part of a national tour paying tribute to the 50 million Americans who live with persistent pain.

Celebrities featured in the exhibit included Lynda Carter (actress in Dynasty), Bo Derek, Olympia Dukakis, Mia Farrow, Tony Randall, and Christopher Reeve.

On this side of the pond, actor and comedian Nigel Planer has experienced debilitating chronic pain, and has endorsed patient information leaflets entitled "Chronic Pain - Take Control" which were aimed at patients attending GP surgeries. Elizabeth Taylor broke her back 4 times and also had a benign brain tumour removed.

Clearly, pain is no respecter of fame and fortune!